A custom made package - The best choice

 A personalized French immersion course


Suitable for all ability levels in order to test and rapidly improve your French proficiency


Create your own programme with your coach, Hélène, who will do a pre-course assessment for you and will determine your ideal course profile, taking your objectives and preferred learning rhythm into account to obtain efficient results.

A warm and friendly setting


A relaxed atmosphere
for an optimal learning environment


Ideally situated in wooded hills overlooking the Charente valley, and only 3-minutes from Angoulême city , in the heart of the Cognac Region, our guest house provides the ideal base from which to visit the region. You will find that the guest house, run by a charming local family, is more than just a B&B. Monsieur et Madame Parlant and their team are always actively involved in each course, doing their utmost to make the learners feel at home and providing valuable additional French practice and exposure to the local culture for you to live the French way or “vivre à la française!”


A French immersion course based on cultural activities


Practice French and become more attuned to the subtleties of French culture


Each course is based on a cultural theme selected by you.
“Live French” or “Vivre le français” will help you to live the language in an authentic setting and in a rich social environment in order to adapt to all kinds of linguistic situations.

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