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Par admin • Jan 4th, 2009 • Categorie : A French immersion course based on local activities

- Your French immersion course in the Heart of the Cognac region… Angoulême boasts a rich cultural heritage and history guaranteed to fascinate and enchant. Within its protective circle of ramparts, the medieval city of Angoulême is rich in history; boasting an 11th century Romanesque cathedral and a charming old town of narrow cobbled streets [...]


More than a French immersion course : a unique journey through French language and culture…

Par admin • Jan 3rd, 2009 • Categorie : What is "Live French"?

“Live French” is a partnership between Hélène, an experienced French Coach, born in Angoulême, and a group of local professionals in the French Cognac region (or in Paris). We organize personalized  French immersion courses that use France’s rich cultural and gastronomic heritage to give students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge of French to [...]